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Your vision impacts every aspect of your life and at Love the Opticians , we are committed to helping you achieve the best quality of life possible. We deliver a comprehensive range of eye care services.


Our practice is committed to the highest standards of professional eye care. This means we will discuss your individual needs, examine your eyes thoroughly using up to date modern equipment, answer any questions and offer you eyewear that meets your requirements.


As independent opticians we believe in giving you a friendly and personal service.

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At Love the Opticians, we recommend that you have your eyes examined every two years or annually for over 60 year olds unless advised otherwise by our optometrist. 
The common misconception is that 'yes I can see, so there is no point in having my eyes examined;. This, however, is not true as not only does the eye test provide an accurate assessment of your vision but it allows us to determine the general health of your eyes and can identify early signs of eye problems and other issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Our eye exams are structured to allow us to ensure you receive the eye care you deserve to maintain the care and protection of your most valuable sense, your sight. We use the latest technology, our optometrists are trained on all current eye matters and we ensure that your visit is efficient and enjoyable.

At Love the Opticians, we do not charge for retinal photography. In fact it is our pleasure to take a photo of the inside of your eye and show and discuss this with you. This detailed image of your retina, the back of your eye, allows us to monitor the health of your eye for your future examinations.

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We are a friendly local independent optician with a passion for eye care and giving the best to our customers. We believe in keeping things local and treating customers as people and individuals. We don’t rush you when you come to see us whether we are examining your eyes or dispensing spectacles. We give you the time you need for your eyes to be examined thoroughly and for your experience to be as relaxed as possible.

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Our wide range of frames offers something for everyone, whether you prefer traditional styles or designer brands. If you haven’t visited us before, you’ll find our frames are competitively priced and generally cheaper than the chain stores.


We will spend time on the fit and styling to ensure you find the perfect frame. Of course if you are happy with your current frame we will gladly re-glaze this for you.


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